Program Benefits and Requirements

Join an ethical ecosystem made up of members who are specialists in their field, and committed to respecting European values of trust and sovereignty.

Open Trusted Cloud community

What are the benefits for Open Trusted Cloud Program members?

OVHcloud makes its marketing resources available to Open Trusted Cloud Program contributors and members. This is to promote their labelled solutions, and there are no exclusivity requirements. This includes:

  • The provision of a communication kit (logos, banners, solution labels, etc.).
  • Highlighting the solutions in the catalogue of services visible on our websites (summary description of the solutions, link to the partner's website, use cases).
  • The integration of Open Trusted Cloud Program solutions into the Program’s introduction and promotion.
  • Targeted marketing activation and communication campaigns for solutions participating in the Program.
  • No exclusivity requirements for Program members.

In terms of solution hosting, OVHcloud offers:

The ability to choose between different locations

Choose the location of the infrastructures that store and process your data, in compliance with local legislations.

Compliance with the CISPE European Code of Conduct on data protection

The CISPE (Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe) Code of Conduct was adopted by the European Data Protection Board (EDPB). Its aim is to help European companies and citizens protect their data within the European Economic Area.

Independence from the CLOUD Act

The CLOUD Act, a protectionist regulatory measure in the United States, stipulates that providers of electronic communications solutions or remote computing services must comply with an application of American law. This requires them to disclose data ‘in their possession, custody or control’, even if the information is ‘located outside the United States’.

Certificates and qualifications

Depending on the infrastructure, OVHcloud offers SecNumCloud qualified environments with BSI C5, AGiD, ENS, CSA Star, SOC 1-2-3, ISO 27001, 27017, 27018 27701, and 50001 certifications. Some of our infrastructures are also compliant with EBA, ACPR and PSEE recommendations, for customers who require the very strictest privacy.

A 4-step program to maximise your growth

1 - Deploy your service and/or platform in the OVHcloud’s Open Trusted Cloud

Broaden your knowledge of OVHcloud services.

Deploy in OVHcloud environments

Open Trusted Cloud
Open Trusted Cloud

2 - Confirm our common strategy

Define your expectations for the ecosystem.

  • Access use cases from other members.
  • Access testimonials from other members.
  • Evaluate the operation costs in the OVHcloud ecosystem.

Define your value proposition across the ecosystem.

  • Assess the market or target customer profiles.
  • Define the deployment and sales model for your solution.
  • Define the common value proposition with the Open Trusted Cloud Program.

3 - Sell through the Program

Publish your content in the Open Trusted Cloud Program Directory.

  • Technical documentation and tutorials.
  • Marketing and sales content: Use cases, white papers, case studies, webinars, blog posts.

Increase your digital and physical visibility.

  • Relay your posts on social media platforms.
  • Eligibility for co-marketing initiatives (media campaigns, fairs, webinars).

Lead generation and targeted sales support.

  • Eligibility for targeted events.
  • Eligibility for publication on the OVHcloud Marketplace.
  • Eligibility for vertical or geographically targeted expansion plans.
Open Trusted Cloud
Open Trusted Cloud

4 - Access new technologies and markets

Co-build and sell with ecosystem members.

Access OVHcloud’s new technologies, available in beta-testing phases.

Eligibility for access to our product experts, and feedback on future features.

Program requirements

Open Trusted Cloud Program members agree to:

  • Comply with the Open Trusted Cloud Program Charter they have previously signed.
  • Communicate about becoming a member of the Program, via press release and social networks.
  • Relay the Program on their websites.
  • Represent the Program by sharing it and regularly promoting it in their own communities (#OpenTrustedCloud).

Program access conditions

Be a customer of an OVHcloud service (Bare Metal cloud, Private Cloud or Public Cloud) with hosting in one of our European datacentres.

Offer a SaaS or PaaS solution that is hosted by OVHcloud.

Be subscribed to OVHcloud’s Business or Enterprise level support.

Accept the Open Trusted Cloud Program Charter

Open Trusted Cloud Members

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