Open Trusted Cloud Program

This program is aimed at software vendors, as well as SaaS and PaaS solution providers. The ambition is to co-build an ecosystem of PaaS and SaaS in cloud computing — hosted in our open, reversible, scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure. This will provide a common platform for competitive solutions.

Our collective mission

Digitalisation is undergoing a sudden and massive acceleration. This makes it even more essential to provide alternative cloud-based Software-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service solutions, that guarantee compliance with European regulations and reflect the values of an open and free world.

So, let's collectively mobilize all the players in the digital sector, and the digital transformation sector, to bring about the emergence of the Open Trusted Cloud. We can then unite all the trusted solutions, based on common values and OVHcloud IT infrastructure, while respecting the freedom and fundamental rights of businesses - particularly the right to data protection.

If you would like to contribute to this ecosystem of Open Trusted Cloud solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our form (see our access conditions).

OVHcloud’s commitments as a cloud provider

As a cloud computing service provider, OVHcloud makes its marketing resources available to the ecosystem of members and contributors to the Open Trusted Cloud program in order to promote their labelled solutions, without exclusivity requirements. This includes:

  • The provision of a communication kit (logos, banners, solution labels, etc.)
  • Highlighting the solutions in the catalogue of services visible on our websites (summary description of the solutions, link to the partner's website, use cases)
  • Integrating the program solutions into the presentation and promotion of partner services by our sales teams
  • Targeted marketing activation and communication campaigns for solutions participating in the program
  • No exclusivity requirements for program members

OVHcloud guarantees hosted solutions:

  • The choice of location for the storage and processing of data, ensuring compliance with local legislation
  • Compliance with the CISPE European code of conduct on data protection [1]
  • Compliance with the code of conduct on data reversibility facilitated by the European Commission (SWIPO IaaS [2] )
  • The contribution of HDS, PCI DSS, SOC1 certifications depending on the infrastructures if necessary and, soon, a SecNumCloud certification

The commitments of program members:

  • Communicate about joining the program’s membership, by press release and via social networks
  • Relay the program on their websites
  • Be ambassadors of the program by relaying and promoting it regularly to their own communities (#OpenTrustedCloud)

The conditions of access to this program:

  • Be a customer of an OVHcloud service (cloud bare metal, private cloud or public cloud services) with hosting in one of our European datacentres
  • Offer a SaaS or PaaS solution that is hosted in the OVHcloud
  • Benefit from OVHcloud's Business or Enterprise Support
  • Accept the Open Trusted Cloud program charter

If you would like to contribute to building this ecosystem, please do not hesitate to contact us via our form.

If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQ, or send an email to:

[2] Code of Conduct for Data Portability and Cloud Service Switching for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cloud services /

List of Program Solutions


Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure is a production-ready OpenStack cloud platform for service providers. It makes cloud more accessible, profitable and easier to use than reselling hyperscale cloud, running your own in-house OpenStack cloud, or using a monolithic enterprise cloud platform like VMware.

Availability: Worldwide


Equativ, the leading advertising monetisation platform, provides the entire digital advertising ecosystem with brand-safe and privacy-friendly solutions, meeting its customers’ need for efficiency while respecting consumer rights.
The vertically integrated company offers the market its own ad server, SSP, purchasing tools and media services to fulfil the promises of adtech.

Availability: Worldwide


ClinFlows provides regulatory compliant web based solutions, to share clinical data and medical images in DICOM format between the different stakeholders in clinical projects, with tailored anonymisation options. Leading MedTech and BioTech companies around the globe, use ClinFlows' sophisticated tools within clinical studies and post market projects, like remote eligibility checks or sizing and review services.

Availability: Worldwide is devoted to helping revolutionize digital advertising through actionable insights about anonymized users.
As Europe’s leading and last independent identity resolution provider, is dedicated to cracking today’s key marketing challenges arising from churning multi-device ownership. Our main goal is to equip companies with the specific knowledge and tools required to overcome these challenges and achieve their business objectives.

Availability: Worldwide

Toucan Toco

Toucan Toco, a French company, is the only guided analytics platform that is changing and transforming the experience between data and business users. You can say goodbye to Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint, statistic reporting and overly-complex BI tools. The Toucan platform is intuitive, easy to use, and available on all devices. It democratises access to data by enabling everyone to get intelligent analysis quickly with Data Storytelling.

Availability: Worldwide


Neutralise threats before impact
SEKOIA.IO’s new take reinvents traditional cybersecurity solutions. Anticipation through attacker knowledge is natively associated with the automation capabilities of detection and response to attacks. SEKOIA.IO gives back the advantage to cyber teams to face attackers.

Availability: Worldwide


CONEX SANTE is a collective, human and innovative medical project that responds to public healthcare needs by offering a unique digital solution for quick remote-expertise services. These services cover France’s primary, secondary and tertiary care levels (premier, deuxième and troisième recours).
It is based on an approach that involves leading specialised, multi-disciplinary and expert panels, aimed at improving access and quality of patient care.
We are innovating to simplify and streamline the exchange of opinions between healthcare professionals.

Availability: France


Our patented solution offers a comprehensive, confidential IT platform that can be fully integrated with all the tools you need to secure your applications and data — whether you want to secure existing applications and data, start with confidential processes, or use secure data analytics.

Availability: Worldwide


Eccenca Corporate Memory provides an integrated, multi-disciplinary platform for rules, constraints, capabilities, configurations, and data in one application.

Availability: Worldwide


Saooti offers cloud solutions from white-label Podcasts and Webradio to its customers in the Media, Business and Institution sectors. Furthermore, Saooti has an editorial agency to support its customers in producing their radio shows and podcasts.

Availability: Worldwide


FactorFX publishes the My B’Suite suite of communication tools. It hosts BlueMind collaborative company messaging, and is a BlueMind premium partner. It is a way of offering comprehensive multi-device solutions, adapted to your IT system. Boost your organisation’s digital workplace with open-source applications including webmail, calendar, tasks, cloud, visio and chat.

Availability: Worldwide


Keenaï — the 100% French Inetum solution from SIEM (Security Information and Event) Management) — has a system that detects anomalies, analyses unusual behaviour with an AI, and provides several levels of graphical ex-post analysis.

Availability: France


3C: An all-in-one SaaS collaboration solution that keeps your data close. Fully integrated mail, chat, and collaboration capabilities that you can deploy anywhere. Made in Europe.

Availability: Worldwide


DRACOON is Germany’s market leader for corporate file services. With DRACOON, you can store, share and exchange data in a safe, simple, intuitive and GDPR-compliant manner.

Availability: Worldwide


One2Team is the ultimate cloud platform for project portfolio management. It is secure and scalable for teams of 25 and more. It has been recognised by Gartner for 11 years as a visionary in the PPM magic quadrant.
Our pre-built solutions are delivered in 3 weeks and customised to the customer's business vocabulary, boosting both efficiency and agility for teams as a result.

Availability: Worldwide


ONDA is the Cloud platform of Serco Italia with direct access to free Earth observation satellite data (from the Copernicus programme). It enables users to manage data and develop applications.
We provide customisable solutions, technical support, engineering services and training on data processing — all of which meet different needs.

Availability: Worldwide

HelloWork is a key digital player in employment, recruitment and training in France, with more than 20 million contacts every year and more than 2,000 recruits per day.
HelloWork also publishes HR solutions for recruiters and local authorities:

  • Jobijoba: a job search engine, available in France and 14 countries
  • CV Catcher: matches candidate CVs with job offers from recruiters
  • SmartForum: a turn-key recruitment platform, designed for local authorities
  • HelloCV: CV editor

Availability: France


Visavid: the ingeniously simple video conferencing system Made in Germany. DSGVO compliant and highly secure "despite" cloudification.

Availability: Germany


Nutanix is a leading publisher of cloud software and a pioneer in hyperconverged infrastructure solutions, enabling full hardware abstraction. Businesses use Nutanix Software as a single platform to manage any application, anywhere and at any scale in private, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Availability: Worldwide


reciTAL is a benchmark AI platform for searching, retrieving and automating databases and document flows.
More than 30,000 users worldwide are already harnessing the power of deep learning, and you can join them today.

Availability: Worldwide


CADENAS is a leading software publisher in the fields of Strategic Parts Management (PARTsolutions) and Electronic CAD Product Catalogs (eCATALOGsolutions).
With custom solutions, CADENAS acts as a link between component manufacturers and their customers.

Availability: Worldwide

Omny Cloud

Secure your digital tools in an accessible workstation. We deploy high-performance virtual desktops in a trusted environment.

  • High performance (GPU) and sovereign
  • All-inclusive and predictable subscription
  • Direct and responsive support included

Availability: Worldwide


Synthesio is a benchmark solution in the social intelligence market. Synthesio's suite is based on online data collection and analytics. It enables brands to better understand their consumers and their market. Stay one step ahead to make the right decisions with confidence.

Availability: Worldwide


OneStock is Europe’s leading Order Management System (OMS). Based on stock consolidation, it provides a cost-effective way of orchestrating each order and quickly completing order management tasks: Order In Store, Ship From Store, Click & Collect, online booking, and appointments.

Availability: Worldwide


Our agile monetisation platform is the end-to-end solution you need to launch and scale recurring revenue businesses.

Availability: Worldwide


DeltaBlue is a cloud management platform for service providers. Our platform supports the lifecycle of all application types. You can manage your most complex applications in just a few clicks, by integrating them into a blueprint. You can then create as many instances as you need across all possible environments, from tests to production.

Availability: Worldwide


Saagie is a software publisher that enables customers in all sectors to facilitate and accelerate their project implementation, while ensuring that it is reliable. Saagie's DataOps platform brings together the best data market technologies to manage the entire project lifecycle (extraction, preparation, processing, visualisation) and speed up project deployment. The company has more than 90 employees based in Paris, Rouen and New York — and this year it has joined the first French Tech 120 promotion, placing it among the startups to follow in the French tech scene.

Availability: Worldwide

Smart Global Governance

A software platform that enables users to achieve and maintain compliance with local and global regulations for data privacy (e.g. GDPR), cybersecurity (ISO 27001, PCI DSS...) standards, social and environmental responsibility, and financial transparency (e.g. KYC AML). Choose from 193 jurisdictions.

Availability: Worldwide


ClickMeeting is a web browser based platform for hosting webinars and online conferences. Used by thousands of customers in marketing, sales, education, coaching and management worldwide.
The platform has proven its effectiveness in managing and producing numerous online events such as: Business conferences, major events, all webinar types, and more.

Availability: Worldwide


Since 1996, Novadys has managed issues associated with infrastructure, dematerialisation and work organisation for all business sectors.
Optimise your company's collaboration, with solutions that ensure reliability and mobility:

  • novaTime to manage your projects and teams easily
  • novaCloud for remote access to your internal software
  • novaDrive for sharing documents and information

Availability: Worldwide


In 2012, the French company UNOWHY anticipated digital transformation in schools, and developed its “SQOOL” online education solution. This turn-key solution includes a range of PCs & tablets, 100% educational software suites, and a cloud solution for hosting data in France.

Availability: Worldwide


HumanSourcing is the most comprehensive HR software on the market. By covering all stages of recruitment — from sharing job offers to CV processing and career website creation — it optimises human resources management.

Availability: Worldwide


With its Universal Data Marketing Platform, Mediarithmics covers the entire value chain of data marketing — from multi-device and multi-channel data collection (CDP/DMP) to scheduled marketing activation (DSP), integrating customisation and script-writing for campaigns (DCO, Marketing Automation).

Availability: Worldwide


KBRW is a software publisher specialised in digital transformation for the distribution sector. Using its public cloud platform, KBRW designs, develops and maintains tailor-made, robust and secure systems that integrate its customers' IT ecosystems. To ensure that its customers' projects are a success, KBRW harnesses both its technical and industry expertise to develop minimalist software that meets customer needs simply and effectively.

Availability: Worldwide


EcoleDirecte is a platform for teachers, students, parents and school establishments to interact. It was created in 2000, and is available on both computer and mobile (Android and iPhone). EcoleDirecte ensures education continuity for 1.5 million students.

Availability: Worldwide


dFakto is a company that specialises in optimising organisations through the use of high-frequency data. With the dFakto platform, you can say goodbye to time-consuming manual processes, keep control over your data, and manage your infrastructure in an agile manner to improve performance.

Availability: Worldwide


Based on the Now Platform, our product portfolio offers IT workflows, employees and customers that count, and enterprise solutions that aid your digital transformation. Create your very own exceptional experiences, and optimise the productivity you need with native mobile options for day-to-day work within your business.

Availability: France

Scaled Risk

The Datahub solution from Scaled Risk is a turn-key big data platform. It enables users to centralise heterogeneous data, make it available to the company, and create new value-added services in just a few weeks. It is already used within a number of financial and corporate institutions, and is used to accelerate datalake/datahub deployments and/or set business uses. It includes ready-to-use features for versioning, requests, audits, reconciliation, computing, visualisation, and a 'time machine' that can accelerate your digital transformation projects.

Availability: Worldwide


Founded in 2008, Talkspirit is the ultimate secure platform that facilitates daily communication and collaboration within teams. Made in France and available in 8 languages, it now has more than 500 customers (companies, institutions and associations). A 30-day free trial is available.

Availability: Worldwide


Netrivals’ systems scan over 600 million products daily, and over 1.9B images in +35K e-commerce sites from +50 countries globally. We provide top retailers and brands with an accurate product analysis that allows them to build an effective business strategy both at a pricing and product attribute level.

Availability: Worldwide


Apizee offers secure video-conferencing and video support solutions for businesses. These solutions facilitate collaborative working in both remote and office-based environments. Their solutions are based on a WebRTC CPaaS platform, and are both turn-key and customisable. With their APIs, users can integrate video-conferencing features in to any type of business application.

Availability: France


Vivacom Ltd is a unique ticketing system for your business communication needs. Whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise, they can set up your internal and external communications. Choose from their VoIP Cloud solutions, international DID numbers, cloud-based communication centres, SD-WAN remote working solutions, or managed solutions.

Availability: Worldwide


Rainbow, the cloud collaboration service from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, delivers a secure instant messaging solution, audio and video calls, file-sharing, and both web and telephone conferences. For desktops and smartphones (Android and iOS).

Availability: Worldwide (excluding China)


The MediaWen online platform is a go-to ticketing system for transcribing, translating, subtitling and dubbing your videos. With this secure, customisable solution, you can make your videos available to everyone, in their own language. Use MediaWen to manage your data, deadlines and budgets.

Availability: France


Logiroad is specialised in scheduling roadworks for local authorities. It draws up inventories of equipment (signage and furnishings) via artificial intelligence integrated into videos and LIDAR. The data is hosted by OVHcloud, and is compliant with French regulations. Data sovereignty is strategic for Logiroad.

Availability: France

Citadel Team

Trusted, secure instant messaging - THALES
With Citadel Team, you can start calls and send messages instantly free of charge, create groups to chat to your colleagues, share documents, videos and high-quality photos — all with the peace of mind that your data remains fully confidential.

Availability: Worldwide


The most secure cloud-based file-sharing and collaborative solution on the market
This solution has received the Standard qualification from the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI), the 'Diffusion Restreinte' certification, and CC EAL3+ certification. The documents you share and store benefit from end-to-end encryption, as though each person is using a VPN to share files.
You can find all of the documents you share on Android and iOS devices, via your web browser, or directly on your PC or Mac.

Availability: Worldwide


Twake is an all-in-one collaborative platform to support teamwork. Chat to your colleagues, share documents, and organise projects simply and securely with Twake.

Availability: Worldwide


Cosmian software solutions enable you to add value to sensitive data in a collaborative, intra- or inter-company way, in full compliance with the security and confidentiality requirements applicable to the data you use.

Availability: Europe


Using artificial intelligence, Sêmeia tools cross the data of patients suffering from chronic illnesses with health insurance data, and predict shortages in the healthcare journey. The tools automatically capture data in real-time, analysing and rendering it in a centralised, structured way that guarantees optimal processing by healthcare teams.

Availability: France


TEHTRIS XDR Platform is a French cyber-security system that can anticipate and neutralise threats such as spyware and company sabotage (ransomware, etc.), with a number of modules like its EDR (Endpoint Detection Response).

Availability: France


Pradeo is a global leader in mobile security, and stands out because it is European-based (with a cloud and datacentres in Europe).
Pradeo Security is known for its cutting-edge technology, and its advanced security capacity by Gartner, IDC and Frost & Sullivan. Its AI-based technology allows for reliable detection of known, unknown and advanced threats, in order to prevent data leaks and comply with data protection regulations.

Availability: Worldwide


Qare has been a major player in remote consultancy in France since 2017. With a video calling feature, patients can receive consulting services wherever they are based, from experts in more than 40 specialisms — and experts can optimise medical tracking for their patients.

Availability: France


Lina Cloud Backup - Backups of desktops and laptops in SaaS mode
With remote working, data is more at risk of cyber-attacks that compromise business continuity. Atempo offers free access to Lina Cloud Backup, in order to protect user desktops. Data is stored on the OVHcloud trusted cloud.

Availability: France


A publisher of open solutions for process dematerialization, instruction and help request management. Designed for both public and private organisations.

Availability: France


A secure remote access solution that enables users to access their workspace environment with optimal security and total trust, in any situation (remote working, working on a laptop, on-call periods, remote management, service provision).

Availability: France


ForePaaS is the first end-to-end platform to build, deploy and scale enterprise AI and analytic applications on any cloud.

Availability: Worldwide


iLovePDF offers every tool you need to edit PDFs from one place. Read, edit, and sign your digital documents with ease, and boost your productivity wherever you are.

Availability: Worldwide

Give 100% of your time to your business, customers and applications, without the hassle of managing your infrastructure.

Availability: France


Jamespot is France’s number 1 SaaS software for business social networks to improve internal communication, collaboration and project management.

Availability: France


Kameleoon enables brands to offer an exceptional digital experience, and customise the customer journey to maximise engagement, conversion and online revenue. Kameleoon is an AI and A/B testing platform that helps users quickly and automatically adapt their websites to suit the needs of their visitors.

Availability: Worldwide


DigDash Enterprise is an agile dashboard program to help you manage your business, explore your data and communicate efficiently both internally and externally.

Availability: Worldwide

Sopra Steria

The Sopra Steria Digital Platform is a customisable platform of sovereign cloud services from Sopra Steria, hosted by OVHcloud. It supplies IT resources and digital services on demand, with a catalogue offering Managed Cloud for OpenStack, Container & Orchestration Services, and Alive Intelligence.

Availability: France


Architecture, migration, MOC (Maintenance in Operational Condition) and security for your Cloudera Enterprise platform, with a unique 24/7 support ticket operation hosted by the OVHcloud sovereign cloud.

Availability: France


SYSTRAN Translate PRO is a machine translation service for businesses. It is specialised, responsible and secure, based on a community of linguistic experts to offer a catalogue of more than 55 languages and sector-specific models (medical, legal, IT and much more).

Availability: Worldwide


WiziShop is a French e-commerce solution that makes it easy for you to build an online store. It offers a comprehensive service, with 410 features, support from our Business Coaches, training, and secure hosting with OVHcloud.

Availability: France


Shadline combines innovative fragmentation and cryptography technologies, to store vital data in an unalterable format. In the event of a cyber-attack, a workplace environment and autonomous, secure communication guarantees immediate access to this data.

Availability: France


Whaller is a comprehensive solution that enables users to create secure social networks. Each user creates and manages their own networks from a single account, to manage their communications and audience. The platform can be adapted for companies, administrations, educational establishments, and associations.

Availability: France

Frequently asked questions

What is the Open Trusted Cloud program?

This program is aimed at software publishers, as well as SaaS and PaaS solution providers. The ambition is to co-build an ecosystem of SaaS and PaaS services, hosted in the open, reversible and reliable cloud of OVHcloud. This will provide a common platform for competitive solutions.

What criteria do I need to meet in order to sign up?

Be a customer of an OVHcloud cloud service (bare metal cloud, private cloud or public cloud service) hosted in one of our European datacentres, with the offer of both SaaS or PaaS solutions, and benefitting from OVHcloud Business or Enterprise Support.

As a member of the Open Trusted Cloud program, should I use OVHcloud cloud offerings exclusively?

Only the company's solutions using the "Open Trusted Cloud" label needs to be hosted by OVHcloud, whether they are IaaS, bare metal cloud, private cloud or public cloud services.

How long does it take to get a reply?

We receive a large number of applications, but make every effort to respond to you as quickly as possible.