Open Trusted Cloud Program

This program is aimed at software vendors, as well as SaaS and PaaS solution providers. The ambition is to co-build an ecosystem of PaaS and SaaS in cloud computing — hosted in our open, reversible, scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure. This will provide a common platform for competitive solutions.

Our collective mission

Digitalisation is undergoing a sudden and massive acceleration. This makes it even more essential to provide alternative cloud-based Software-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service solutions, that guarantee compliance with European regulations and reflect the values of an open and free world.

So, let's collectively mobilize all the players in the digital sector, and the digital transformation sector, to bring about the emergence of the Open Trusted Cloud. We can then unite all the trusted solutions, based on common values and OVHcloud IT infrastructure, while respecting the freedom and fundamental rights of businesses - particularly the right to data protection.

If you would like to contribute to this ecosystem of Open Trusted Cloud solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our form (see our access conditions).

OVHcloud’s commitments as a cloud provider

As a cloud computing service provider, OVHcloud makes its marketing resources available to the ecosystem of members and contributors to the Open Trusted Cloud program in order to promote their labelled solutions, without exclusivity requirements. This includes:

  • The provision of a communication kit (logos, banners, solution labels, etc.)
  • Highlighting the solutions in the catalogue of services visible on our websites (summary description of the solutions, link to the partner's website, use cases)
  • Integrating the program solutions into the presentation and promotion of partner services by our sales teams
  • Targeted marketing activation and communication campaigns for solutions participating in the program
  • No exclusivity requirements for program members

OVHcloud guarantees hosted solutions:

  • The choice of location for the storage and processing of data, ensuring compliance with local legislation
  • Compliance with the CISPE European code of conduct on data protection [1]
  • Compliance with the code of conduct on data reversibility facilitated by the European Commission (SWIPO IaaS [2] )
  • The contribution of HDS, PCI DSS, SOC1 certifications depending on the infrastructures if necessary and, soon, a SecNumCloud certification

The commitments of program members:

  • Communicate about joining the program’s membership, by press release and via social networks
  • Relay the program on their websites
  • Be ambassadors of the program by relaying and promoting it regularly to their own communities (#OpenTrustedCloud)

The conditions of access to this program:

  • Be a customer of an OVHcloud service (cloud bare metal, private cloud or public cloud services) with hosting in one of our European datacentres
  • Offer a SaaS or PaaS solution that is hosted in the OVHcloud
  • Benefit from OVHcloud's Business or Enterprise Support
  • Accept the Open Trusted Cloud program charter

If you would like to contribute to building this ecosystem, please do not hesitate to contact us via our form.

If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQ, or send an email to:

[2] Code of Conduct for Data Portability and Cloud Service Switching for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cloud services /

List of Program Solutions


Lina Cloud Backup - Backups of desktops and laptops in SaaS mode
With remote working, data is more at risk of cyber-attacks that compromise business continuity. Atempo offers free access to Lina Cloud Backup, in order to protect user desktops. Data is stored on the OVHcloud trusted cloud.

Availability: France


A publisher of open solutions for process dematerialization, instruction and help request management. Designed for both public and private organisations.

Availability: France


A secure remote access solution that enables users to access their workspace environment with optimal security and total trust, in any situation (remote working, working on a laptop, on-call periods, remote management, service provision).

Availability: France


ForePaaS is the first end-to-end platform to build, deploy and scale enterprise AI and analytic applications on any cloud.

Availability: Worldwide


iLovePDF offers every tool you need to edit PDFs from one place. Read, edit, and sign your digital documents with ease, and boost your productivity wherever you are.

Availability: Worldwide

Give 100% of your time to your business, customers and applications, without the hassle of managing your infrastructure.

Availability: France


Jamespot is France’s number 1 SaaS software for business social networks to improve internal communication, collaboration and project management.

Availability: France


Kameleoon enables brands to offer an exceptional digital experience, and customise the customer journey to maximise engagement, conversion and online revenue. Kameleoon is an AI and A/B testing platform that helps users quickly and automatically adapt their websites to suit the needs of their visitors.

Availability: Worldwide


DigDash Enterprise is an agile dashboard program to help you manage your business, explore your data and communicate efficiently both internally and externally.

Availability: Worldwide

Sopra Steria

The Sopra Steria Digital Platform is a customisable platform of sovereign cloud services from Sopra Steria, hosted by OVHcloud. It supplies IT resources and digital services on demand, with a catalogue offering Managed Cloud for OpenStack, Container & Orchestration Services, and Alive Intelligence.

Availability: France


Architecture, migration, MOC (Maintenance in Operational Condition) and security for your Cloudera Enterprise platform, with a unique 24/7 support ticket operation hosted by the OVHcloud sovereign cloud.

Availability: France


SYSTRAN Translate PRO is a machine translation service for businesses. It is specialised, responsible and secure, based on a community of linguistic experts to offer a catalogue of more than 55 languages and sector-specific models (medical, legal, IT and much more).

Availability: Worldwide


WiziShop is a French e-commerce solution that makes it easy for you to build an online store. It offers a comprehensive service, with 410 features, support from our Business Coaches, training, and secure hosting with OVHcloud.

Availability: France


Shadline combines innovative fragmentation and cryptography technologies, to store vital data in an unalterable format. In the event of a cyber-attack, a workplace environment and autonomous, secure communication guarantees immediate access to this data.

Availability: France


Whaller is a comprehensive solution that enables users to create secure social networks. Each user creates and manages their own networks from a single account, to manage their communications and audience. The platform can be adapted for companies, administrations, educational establishments, and associations.

Availability: France

Frequently asked questions

What is the Open Trusted Cloud program?

This program is aimed at software publishers, as well as SaaS and PaaS solution providers. The ambition is to co-build an ecosystem of SaaS and PaaS services, hosted in the open, reversible and reliable cloud of OVHcloud. This will provide a common platform for competitive solutions.

What criteria do I need to meet in order to sign up?

Be a customer of an OVHcloud cloud service (bare metal cloud, private cloud or public cloud service) hosted in one of our European datacentres, with the offer of both SaaS or PaaS solutions, and benefitting from OVHcloud Business or Enterprise Support.

As a member of the Open Trusted Cloud program, should I use OVHcloud cloud offerings exclusively?

Only the company's solutions using the "Open Trusted Cloud" label needs to be hosted by OVHcloud, whether they are IaaS, bare metal cloud, private cloud or public cloud services.

How long does it take to get a reply?

We receive a large number of applications, but make every effort to respond to you as quickly as possible.